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PYFF Programs & Services 

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Athletic Training Grants

PYFF provides athletic grants and scholarships to financially support individuals & organizations with missions catered to student athletes that hold private training, camps, & classes.  


While PYFF, focuses on financially supporting individual student athletes, we work through other nonprofits & for-profit businesses holding football activities or offering facilities to hold football training activities--activities such as camps, weekly group & individual training, and nutrition and film classes.  Apply here...

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Academic Grants

PYFF provides financial support in the form of grants for qualifying student athletes to receive academic tutoring and scholarships to PYFF Board approved secondary schools. 

Academic Grants are only be offered to those student athletes that PYFF has supported int he past or are currently being supported by PYFF.



Apply here...

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Collegiate Recruitment

Prep Grants

PYFF has & continues to develop strong collaborative relationships with vetted individuals and organizations that ensure promising student athletes receive the appropriate exposure for collegiate



This exposure comes through campus visits, professional resume preparation, LinkedIn profile development, assistance with essay writing, application completion and interview preparation.

 Apply here...

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